Monday, August 29, 2011

Storehouse Tea Supports Fair Trade

After water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world
with 15,000 cups drunk per second worldwide.
Source: Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International

“Fair Trade is by far the most comprehensive
program that not only provides disadvantaged
workers with access to better opportunities for
themselves but also for their children.”
----Bharath Mandanna , Vice President of the
Bombay Burmah Trading Company (BBTC) Ltd.
The largest and oldest fully organic tea company in India

Storehouse Tea Company has gone through the difficult but rewarding process to certify our FaIr Trade Teas with TransFair USA, the leader in certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.  While we always felt strongly about providing as much Fair Trade Tea as possible we had no idea how difficult and confusing the process was going to be. But this didn’t deter us because we feel strongly that the millions of tea workers, the tea pluckers and processors, that supply us with our incredible teas,  have a much brighter future for themselves and their children only because of the additional “premium” that Fair Trade tea purchases can provide. While it adds only pennies per cup to our customer, the extra money that these underpaid workers receive is literally a life-saving and life sustaining resource.  Talk about a win-win, great tea and great good all in one delicious cup.
Currently Storehouse Tea Company offers 13 Fair Trade Teas which comprises 40% of our teas. When we develop new teas and the spices, herbs and fruits that go into them, we source organic and fair trade whenever possible. Fair Trade organic teas might not taste better than organic tea that isn’t Fair Trade, but they will make you feel better about drinking it because your purchases are the difference between systemic poverty and life giving sustenance to the very people that make these incredible teas possible.
What is Fair Trade and Fair Trade Certified™?
Fair Trade is a market-based model of international
trade that benefits more than one million farmers
and farm workers in 58 developing countries across
Africa, Asia and Latin America. Fair Trade certification
enables consumers to vote for a better world with
their dollars, simply by looking for the Fair Trade Certified
™ label on the products they buy.
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